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Events Happening

Yearly Events

⇒ Every year 17th April we celebrate World Hemophilia Day

⇒ Family Day every year 25th April as it marks Jose Memorial Day

⇒ Fund Raising

Celebrating World Hemophilia Day

Every year on April 17, we celebrate the World Hemophilia Day. It’s a very important day for the bleeding disorders community. We try to ensure that everyone celebrates the big day with friends and family. This has always been a big part of World Hemophilia Day.

On this landmark day, we reflect on how far we have come as a society. We also take time to celebrate various milestones that we have achieved in support of the bleeding disorders community.

Family Day

The 25th day of April marks The Jose Memorial Day. This is is our family fun day where families and friends take time to come together and enjoy each others company while children are treated to fun activities.

Fund Raising

As public awareness on the society is raised, more people will contribute to its success. The society endeavors to run both of these concurrently to ensure success as they are intimately related. We undertake to identify the stakeholders listed below and create linkages.

Funding source include:

  1. The government
  2. Private Individuals
  3. Corporations and Businesses
  4. The General Public