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FAQ – Women

Frequently Asked Questions -Women with Bleeding Disorders

Q: Don’t bleeding disorders just affect males?

A: No. Bleeding disorders can affect females as well as males.

Q: Which bleeding disorder most commonly affects women?

A: Von Willebrand disorder (VWD) is the most common bleeding disorder. It affects males and females equally, though women tend to have the added issue of menstruation.

Q: Can females have Hemophilia?

A: Many girls or women who carry the altered gene causing Hemophilia do not have symptoms of a bleeding disorder. But some do have a bleeding tendency. They are often described as “symptomatic carriers”. If their factor levels fall in the range for mild Hemophilia (5-40% of normal clotting factor), they may also be referred to as having “mild Hemophilia”. In very rare cases, some girls or women have particularly low factor levels causing them to have moderate or severe Hemophilia.