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Who we are

JMHSK is a non-governmental organization committed to supporting people living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders in Kenya. It began in 2008 in memory of Jose who passed on in April 2007 due to hemophilia complications at age six. To date, the total membership is 218 members.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive care and medical support to the bleeder's community through the provision of medical supplies (factor) and financial support to build a thriving bleeding disorder community in Kenya. Through ou office located in Nairobi, we have distributed over 1,869,778 IUS of Factor to date.

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Our Programs at a Glance

We run 4 programs in partnership with Save One Life. These are: Project Share program, Sponsorship program, Scholarship program, and Micro Enterprise Grant (MEG) program.
So far, 57 members have benefited from Sponsorship, 9 form Scholarships, and 5 from Micro Enterprise Grants.

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Estimate of people living with bleeding Disorders in Kenya - 2017

  • Total country estimates
  • People with hemophilia
  • People with von Willebrand disease
  • People with other bleeding disorders

Source: WFH – 2017

What we have been able to achieve so far


JMHSK Registered Members to date


JMHSK Members living with Hemophilia


Direct beneficiaries from our programs


Factor donated through JMHSK to date

Serving both Men and Women Bleeder's Community

What we do

We serve the bleeding disorders’ community by receiving and distributing donated factor and funding. We also advise and educate members on bleeding disorders’.

Last News

Recent Events

2019 Save One Life Exec Director Visit

In 2019, the 'Save one Life' Executive Director came to visit our program beneficiaries in Murang'a. It was an honor for both the beneficiaries and JMHSK.

2019 Christmas Party

2019 Annual Christmas Party hosted for save One Life beneficiaries and their families where kids play and receive gifts.

2018 Christmas Party

Annual Christmas Party hosted for save One Life beneficiaries and their families where kids play and receive gifts.

Serving the Hemophilia Community in Kenya

We support people living with hemophilia and their families by facilitating access to medicine, information, education and financial support.

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“I realised that something was wrong when Jose started getting mysterious bumps and bruises on his hands and knees as soon as he started crawling, On several occasions, I had noticed a little blood on his tongue while breastfeeding him but assumed that he had just bitten himself.

Maureen Miruka

JMHSK Founder

Haemophilia, which mostly affects males, can also affect females but is much rare in females. It is a hereditary, life-long condition that is passed from mother to child. People with the condition suffer excessive bleeding, even from a tiny cut. Sometimes, the bleeding does not stop without some form of intervention.



The Full Picture of Hemophilia Care

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