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FAQ – Children

Frequently Asked Questions & Facts – Children

Q: Should I tell my friends that I have Hemophilia?

A. That’s something you might want to talk to your parents about or your Treatment Centre, but it is your choice. Sometimes the best explanation is for you to tell them, but you could also ask the nurse from your Treatment Centre to go to the school and talk to your teachers and/or the kids in your class.

Q: Can I go on school camp?

A: Yes. When your teachers are planning the camp or any excursions they will speak to your parents about any help you might need while you are away. Before you go away your Hemophilia Centre can write to the nearest hospital or GP in the area that you are going to, to explain what care you might need while you are there. You can take your treatment product and sterile supplies with you and the GP or a doctor at the hospital can give you your treatment or contact your Hemophilia Centre if they have any queries. Sometimes your mum and dad might come on the camp to help out as one of the parent helpers.

Q: What is a "port"?

A: A port or infusaport is a special device that is put under the skin on your chest. It has a tube that goes into one of your big veins in the neck. You can use this port for your treatment instead of seeking out a new vein in your arm. You need a small operation to have the port put in.

Q: Does it hurt when you use the port?

A: No. When you have your treatment through your port we put “magic cream” or special numbing cream on the skin that is over the port so you don’t feel the needle. Sometimes you can feel a little pushing when the needle goes in, but that doesn’t hurt.

Q: Can I play football?

A: Yes, you can play non-contact football. It is good to learn skills and how to play safely. Talk to your Hemophilia Centre about it.

Q: What happens if I have a bleed when I have exams at school?

A: Usually schools are very helpful about rescheduling exams if medically necessary. They will probably need a letter from your doctor and an estimated time as to when you will be back at school. In the senior years at high school you can apply for consideration of disadvantage in advance so that, should you need it, arrangements are made on your behalf.

If you have any questions or are not sure of something, contact your Hemophilia Centre. The staff is always happy to help. Please don’t think your questions may seem silly – the staff understand that you are learning about Hemophilia and respect that you want what is best for your child. You are entitled to ask questions.