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Micro Enterprise Grants

Funding Micro Enterprises to boost income of families affected by bleeding disorders.

Since 2017, 3 JMHSK members have benefited from the Save One Life Micro-Enterprise Grants (MEGs). These grants are meant to help parents of children living with bleeding disorders and/or adults with bleeding disorders to improve their family incomes by investing in new or expand their small businesses. Below are the JMHSK beneficiaries of this fund.

Simon Nderitu

Simon has been selling cereals for upkeep. In 2018, he received a Micro Enterprise grant to help him buy a Posho Mill for value addition. Now he is actively selling cereals as well as cereal flour.

Martha Njuku

Martha received a Micro-Enterprise grant in 2020 to help her purchase a dairy cow to engage in dairy production as an income-generating activity to support her son Kennedy Njoroge who is living with Hemophilia A.


Stanley received a Micro-Enterprise Grant in 2017 to help him set up a zero-grazing unit to help him start a dairy farming project. He sold the dairy cow he had because it was not a good breed. Now has 2 dairy cows.