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Our Programs

JMHSK runs a number of programs aimed at educating, supporting and offering affordable medical help to those living with bleeding disorders: These include:

Sponsorship Program

By partnering with Save One Life, we have been providing funds to members affected by bleeding disorders to meet their monthly upkeep and medical care needs as we work with them towards sustainable solutions.

Micro Enterprise Grants

With the support of Save One Life, we provide grants to members affected by bleeding disorders to start income generating  activities or to upgrade an existing income generating activities to enhance productivity and all-round wellness.

Scholarship Program

We support needy students living with bleeding disorders in Kenya to supplement their education needs and pay for their tuition fees.  Our aim is to help the poor students to complete their primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Project Share

With factor donations received from PROJECT SHARE; we distribute and donate factor to members of the JMHSK – Kenya as well as educate them and their families on home care management strategies.

In addition to these programs, we run annual events that are aimed at bringing the Bleeding Disorders community together to have fun and to discuss challenges and needs. We also run fundraising campaigns, public awareness programs as well as lobby the government of Kenya to be sensitive to the needs of this community.