Sandra is a 15-year-old young lady living with a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand’s Disease (VWD). It is caused by low levels of a clotting protein in the blood called Von Willebrand’s Factor (VWF) and happens to be the most common bleeding disorder affecting both males and females alike.


There being no history of VWD in her family, Sandra was diagnosed with it after an accident where she had fallen and hurt herself (on the ….) but the wound would not stop bleeding. After seeking help from a nearby hospitals to no avail, Sandra had to be admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya’s largest referral hospital.


While narrating what had happened to the doctor on duty for a diagnosis, a doctor who had some experience with bleeding disorders overheard the conversation and immediately recommended tests to determine whether she had a bleeding disorder before any further treatment.


The diagnosis helped her and her family manage the condition by taking better care of her and by getting access to the medical support needed in case of bleeds. Since then, her biggest hurdle would be managing her menstrual period which would cause her to be out of school for a few days each month.


Sandra currently lives with her grandmother (Name) and her younger sister (Name). Her mother passed away back in 2015 when Sandra was 10. It was a devastating blow for the entire family. Her grandmother took up the role of parenting Sandra and her sister and has been doing it ever since.


The Save One Life Sponsorship program has been a lifeline for Sandra and her family. The support supplements her grandmother’s income and has made their life a whole lot easier, especially during times when Sandra needs to get medical attention.