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Scholarship Program

Helping Students Pay for College

Working in Partnership with Save One Life, our scholarships program make it possible for young people with bleeding disorders to create new opportunities for their lives through post-secondary education.

Funding Education

Our Scholarship program has since 2018 helped 8 students pay for college tuition.

  • Javan Odwar
  • John Wambua
  • Peter Muchoki
  • Kennedy Njoroge
  • Edward Ngari
  • Paul Kamau
  • Roben Ndun’gu
  • Albert Nyoike

Initially, JMHSK focused on providing support to persons living with bleeding disorders and their families by providing free factor. However, over time, the Society saw the need to help uplift the lives of those affected by bleeding disorders. Today, we not only provide factor for free, but also help provide scholarships for the financially underprivileged students, in partnership with save one life, to complete tertiary education and become independent.

Albert Nyoike

Albert Nyoike attends Royal Business School. He is studying for a Diploma in Accounting Technician.  He received his scholarship in year 2018/2019 and expects to complete his studies in July 2020.

Javan Odwar

Javan is aged 20 and living with VWD condition. Was awarded a scholarship to pursue a certificate in Hotel Management and there after a diploma in the same course.

John Wambua

John Wambua has Hemophilia A. He received a Scholarship in 2014 to study for a diploma in interior design at the Buru Buru Institute of fine art. He graduated in 2017 and is currently employed by the State department of Public Works.

Kennedy Njoroge

Kennedy is aged 20 and living with Hemophilia A and a beneficiary of Save One Life sponsorship programme. He received the Scholarship to enable him to complete high school because of being in and out of school most of the times because of frequent bleeds.

Peter Muchoki

Peter Muchoki is living with Hemophilia A. He recieved a scholarship to study for a certificate in Electrical installation. He is currently in his second year.

Robin Ndungu

Roben is living with Hemophilia A and a beneficiary of Save One Life sponsorship programme. He received the Scholarship in 2015 to enable him to study Journalism at the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies. He graduated in 2018 with a diploma and is currently a freelance photographer and journalist.